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Description We are looking for a Full Stack Developer to join our dynamic team and contribute to the development of our products. As a key member of the team, you will participate in Scrum meetings, support the product owner in design and requirements analysis, and collaborate closely with your colleagues throughout all phases of development. You will bring your programming
Description 95% Remote Work: Work from home with the flexibility to be fully remote without any obligation to come to the office. Office Location: Based in East Montreal, next to the tunnel. Work Environment: Primarily French-speaking. Company Benefits Pension Fund: Benefit from a solid pension plan to secure your financial future with peace of mind. Vacation Time: Enjoy a generous
Description Design electrical schematics for the manufacturing of packing equipment and provide technical support for the assembly and production. Qualification / Basic Job Requirements Educational requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering working experience required/preferred: 3 years of experience preferred Experience in UL 508A and UL698A would be an asset Other Skills: Advanced technical understanding and mathematical skills Strong computer skills
Summary Lead and manage sales activities in the designated territory to the achievement of HBU’s sales goals. Qualification / Basic Job Requirements Educational requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in mechanical or electrical engineering working experience required/preferred: Minimum of 3 years technical sales experience preferred Industry experience would be an asset Other Skills: Technical aptitude with an understanding of technical and commercial terms
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